Friday, April 6, 2012

Love the Land: Earth Day 2012

ALBANY, CA -- In a demonstration of the community’s commitment to food
security in the East Bay, proponents of organic, non-GMO, locally grown
foods will gather at Ohlone Park at 11AM on April 22nd for public
speakers, skill shares, and a potluck culminating in a march through North
The march for Food Sovereignty is a demonstration that industrial
agriculture is an unsustainable mode of food production. The SF
East Bay is on the forefront of urban agricultural. By growing our
own food within the community we protect our right to safe, clean,
and genetically diverse produce. This is especially valuable in
"food deserts" where healthy and affordable food is not available.
We hold this march in solidarity with all farmers and families
throughout the world who have reclaimed unused land in order to
grow food resiliently on their own terms. We march in
solidarity with the International Day of Peasant Struggle.
This demonstration also coincides with Earth Day, which highlights the
interrelation of food sovereignty and environmental sustainability.
Together we celebrate the arrival of spring and the joys of gardening, bringing communities of food-lovers together to promote social justice
through ecological agriculture (agroecology).

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